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Essentials of the Earth, 2nd edition

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Essentials of the Earth   

This book is an expanded edition of The Essential Oil History, Overview and Reference Guide, first published in 2008. After three printings we opted to develop a website as a vehicle to share essential information with others and to include additional oils, new research, and anecdotal evidence of their successful use. That website is This book is designed to be a print companion to the website.

Included below are a few pages to give you a feel for the book. The primary portion of the book is arranged as an encyclopedia in A to Z fashion and includes over 700 entries with 325+ giving essential oil information for health related subjects. The other entries include descriptions of individual essential oils, blends and products plus definitions of terms that may be new to those using essential oils for the first time. Below are some sample pages that include these various types of entries in the book.



Sample: pages 84 - 87

Note: We have blurred some trademark names in these images at the
request of the company. They are not blurred in the printed book.

page 84

page 85

page 86

page 87