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Essential Oils Overview and Reference Guide

A Brief Synopsis of "Essential Oils Overview and Reference Guide"
  This is a handy 5" x 6 3/4" manual and is really two books in one.  The "Essential Oils History & Overview" is all about the history of oils, the science behind them, some of their marvelous properties, safety, and storage information.  The "Essential Oils Reference Guide" details common wellness uses, health concerns, and how leading authorities have suggested using essential oils in those cases.  It also describes techniques for applying oils and gives a two page summary on each of 28 commonly used oils and 10 blends.  Beyond this there are charts summarizing information in a variety of ways and a comprehensive index to all the material.
Essential Oils Overview - TOC


Chapter 1       The Evolution of Essential Oils

Chapter 2       Scientific Verification of Essential Oils Properties

Chapter 3       The Synergistic Balance of Essential Oils

Chapter 4       Simplicity and Complexity of Essential Oils

Chapter 5       Essential Oils Quality

Chapter 6       Safety Considerations

Chapter 7       Care and Storage of Essential Oils

Essential Oils Quick Reference Guide - TOC


Chapter 1       Getting Started

Chapter 2       Application Techniques

Chapter 3       Uses That Promote Wellness

Chapter 4       Common Health Concerns

Chapter 5       Blends

Chapter 6       Single Oils

Essential Oils Overview and Reference Guide - About the contributors

We would like to thank the many people that contributed to this book over the last few months.  For many of them, their tireless research and talented contributions have made this book an excellent resource for those new to essential oils as well as a insightful source for experienced users of essential oils.

Author and Compiler: Robert James
Robert is an experienced author of several books and numerous periodicals.  He brings with him not only writing experience, but also personal experiences with the use of essential oils since 1992 (nearly 15 years).  A good friend introduced him and his wife, Wendy, to essential oils when Wendy was suffering through severe nauseating effects during a pregnancy.   

"I remember Karol giving me peppermint, and being amazed at how quickly it made me feel better."

Since that time they have consistently used essential oils for the health and well-being of their family.  Now Robert combines his talent for writing and his years of experience and trust in oils to help compile and organize the ideas found in the "essentials of the earth" book and reference guide.

Essentials of the Earth Database: Rex L. James
Rex James is an engineer by training and is retired after a long career with the Hewlett Packard Company.  Starting in the mid 1960's where with other colleagues, he is listed on earliest patents for the programmable calculator and the forerunner to the modern personal computer.  These early projects were followed by many others and numerous managerial positions at HP.   

Rex's analytical talents made his contribution to this book invaluable.  Foremost, he helped organize several detailed databases that took some of the most respected authors and historically accepted names in the field of essential oils and compiled their findings.  This database compares suggestions for wellness uses, medicinal uses, key properties, and constituents for many essential oils.  These findings were then compiled and the results were used as the basis for much of this book.

 The source used for this database include Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, Dr. Jean Valnet,  Maggie Tisserand, Robert Tisserand, Dr. David Hill, Rosemary Caddy, Kathi Keville and Valerie Worwood.  Each of these sources brings a unique perspective from their research and experiences with essential oils. 

Carol Mainord, BS psych, RN
Special thanks to Carol Mainord, whom not only brings her educational background, but who has been an advocate and student of alternative medicine and healing for over 20 years.  Carol's contributions and edits to this book were invaluable.

 And Many Others
Also, special thanks to others than contributed.  Pat James, for meticulously proofreading and suggestions on most of the book.  Wendy James for her help and special contribution to the unique covers.  Also to the others that provided source material, suggestions, and proofing including Sabrina James, Julie Cook, Dr. Aaron Wellborn and Pat Leavitt.